Money has always been one of those taboo topics and I wish it wasn’t. We’re taught to internalize our worth based on how much money we make and have, which shouldn’t be the case. What should matter is how we spend our money. Money impacts all our lives, whether we want to admit it or not. Being able to understand how to spend money enables a better grasp of your behavior and beliefs. If we can talk about money and share our experiences, there is a lot we can learn from one another.

So, how do you spend your money?

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About a little over a year ago, I would answer this question with “Yeah, I pay for food, clothes, rent, utilities, etc.”. I was able to meet my basic needs and spend on nice-to-haves, so everything was “fine”. The problem with that answer is, it’s too broad. It answers nothing and does not address how to spend money. I thought I was one of those people who approached my finances pretty well. I used the apps and made the spreadsheets. I set budgets for each of my categories based on what I thought I had. …

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The way 2020 has panned out, many of us are at home which has given us the time and space to sign up for online courses to learn a new skill or even start a journey down new career paths.

Becoming a UX Designer has grown year after year, and it’s still a highly sought after career for many of us. More and more programs online or in-person (pre-COVID) continue to appear, presenting the idea you can become a designer within a relatively short amount of time. And these programs are appealing! Many of them have career coaches, personal mentors, and job guarantees. …

By Tien-Tien Cheng

Escaping into hypothetical realities or even customizing the world around us may seem more like science fiction, but in actuality it’s science fact. The development of augmented and virtual reality in the past few years has quickly growing and becoming more ingrained and integral in our daily lives. Devices such as our smartphones and even headsets have begun to make appearances in the technological markets and in our homes. But if we ask ourselves, what is so special about augmented and virtual reality? What is unique about each reality? And lastly, where will augmented reality and virtual reality make an impact? …


Tien-Tien Cheng

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